About TLCC

At Perfect Chance Memories, we believe in following your dreams, whatever they might be. Mine is simply to live a life I love, doing what I love everyday. Keep a happy heart, support others endeavors in living their dreams, and crafting whenever I get a chance. I also have a clothing line in the sportfishing industry, so there will be some of that here too.

The Life Coastal (&creative) blog will explore my creations, my love for cooking (healthy, most of the time!), my love of fashion, my life on the crystal coast, the continuous decorating of my house, and my travels with Release Marine and the sportfishing industry.
This is me. I love exploring different projects and to create new and different things that are pretty and unique. I learned to sew at a very early age from my mother and both my grandmothers. At spent a lot of time with both my grandmothers and they always had a new art project for me to tackle during our time together - from doll clothes to stuffed animals (think build-a-bear style at home) to pillows and blankets. My love for crafting continues to this day. I hope you find inspiration to explore your crafty side from the projects I share.

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