Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Update

I have had a very good week ! Got a new laptop today:) woohoo! My hubby did most of the picking out, I just had to make sure I liked the size, look, and feel of it. This was very exciting for me, as we have been talking about it for a year & waiting for the right time. I liquidated my Coach stock & bought a Toshiba Satellite A505. Loving it so far - never ha/ve to wait for my computer engineer husband to get off the computer again (and this is saying alot, as he has two)

I also went to the Patsy Aiken tent sale this week. Thanks for the notice, Steph! Crazy place to be if you don't have children. Moms everywhere! I felt sympathy for the moms who had to bring their kids with them to the madness (the line was 30+ minutes). You good see the relief on the solo moms faces as they walked by the moms trying to juggle their 3 kids, stroller, and laundry basket full of sale items among the racks and racks and racks of clothes. They really did have some very cute clothes & I picked up several gifts. But truly, the fabric is to die for. I think I left with something like 36 yards of fabric. Perfect for all the creations that are moving around in my head - more bags, clutches, key chains, scrapbooks, etc! My sister-in-law Ashley had also asked me to make bedding & curtains for her nursery & I was able to get a perfect fabric for that - green & white polka dots. So precious!

My mom came to see my work space & play (shop) on Friday. You know where we went? Fresh Market & Harris Teeter. Yep, that's us! No, really, mom had to get some stuff that you can't find in Henderson - bulger wheat, rye, wild rice, you know, all that healthy stuff. We did do some fun shopping at one of my favorite local shops. Martin & Mary's. This place is right by my house (for two more weeks) & always has the best clothes. I do love to shop handmade, but with my body type, if I didn't make it, its most likely not going to fit me. Martin stocks his shop with clothes that are comfortable, made well, fit nice, and are oh so adorable. To top it all off, Martin is an awesome guy & always so friendly & helpful. !

And luckily, a funny thing happened. A pair of Chip & Pepper mens' jeans somehow made it into my bag, I discovered when I got home Friday night. And whatdya know, they were Chance's size. He just happened to be in the market for a new pair of jeans, so he tried them on - perfect fit. We went back Saturday, told Martin what happened, and paid for the jeans. Totally incidental, but a great way to get Chance into a new pairs of jeans - now he can alternate, as he'll have two pairs:) Anywho, Martin & Mary's is moving to Meadowmont in Chapel Thrill, but still worth the drive!

I've also been busy making handbags this weekend, I'll post them later today or tomorrow. I really have been scrapbooking & paper crafting as well, but everything is either a surprise or a gift for later in the year, so I can't post yet.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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