Friday, January 29, 2010

Fashion Friday Home Edition

Good morning lovelies!  Today I am focusing on my plans for our dining room at our new house.  
Here it is at the inspection.  Needs pressure washing and some landscaping, but the bones are good!  We close in two months, so I have plenty of time to get all my ideas together and ready to go.
Here's part of the dining room as it is now.  The doorway you can see goes to the foyer & there is one behind the shot that goes to the kitchen.  The room is 12x12 (!), vaulted ceilings, and huge windows.  The blue is pretty, but not quite my cup of tea. So.....

it is going red! Actually, this Cherry Tomato shade from Sherwin Williams. (best paint, seriously).  I have these curtains
which are sheer and look really great when the light hits them.  (my apologies that the picture is of a bedspread, my curtains are in storage & this was the picture I found on flickr).

Now for my inspirations and wants!
dining room, looking into kitchen
I love this dining table found at Making Chicken Salad.  And the chairs, though I would need a different color - yellow perhaps?  But I adore the eclectic look going on here.  I have been searching high and low for a similar table here on the Crystal Coast.  You wouldn't think it would be so hard to find something rustic and farm like, but I haven't had any luck so far.  I hope to find one at a second hand or antique shop, I don't mind if it need a little work or is very rustic!  I need one a little bigger than this one since my room is 12x12, I am thinking one that sits 8-10 people.
Here are some more table options:
On The Table - Living History Farms
This one is perfectly rustic.
White kitchen + mod-traditional mix: Norman Cherner chairs + farm table + cottage style
I love how simple and lovely this one looks in this kitchen.
dining room, looking into kitchen
I am also thinking it will be great to get a black washed farm table and a few of these chairs from West Elm.  I just love the yellow and the flowers popping on the back.  Maybe these chairs along the side and some traditional farm chairs as anchors?

Oh, my I can't wait to start decorating! There is also a display shelf all the way around the room.  My scarlett, canary, and shamrock Fiesta Ware should look just lovely don'tcha think?

Do you have any ideas for dining room decoration you'd like to share? Post below, I'd love to hear your thought and ideas and see your pictures!

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