Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Day {a shop display}

It's a big day for Perfect Chance Memories! I put my first bit of inventory into a shop today. It's a local coffee shop here in Emerald Isle called Beans N' Screens and the lovely owner, Kim, supports local artists by letting them set up a small space in her shop. (The coffee is delicious too!) Here are some pictures of my stuff:
Perfect Chance Memories Display
Perfect Chance Memories Display
Perfect Chance Memories Display
BNS Display
BNS Display 2
BNS Display  4

Tomorrow I will be starting a very exciting new weekly post! I think ya'll will really enjoy it - stay tuned!


Nicole Faby said...

Congrats!! I love love love it! So prod of you!!

Jessica said...

Looks fantastic! Very happy for you. Already gotten a lot of complements on the new bags!

Eads Family said...

Yay! It looks jealous it isn't local!

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