Monday, April 12, 2010

from gold to silver......{DIY} less than an hour! Here's my DIY project from the weekend. Our new kitchen had gold hardware on the cabinets and it had to go. But not at $2 a pop new knobs. A can of spray paint for $3.50 and about an hour of my time and they look great! And the kitchen is on it's way to being finished. Just the back splash & the floor left:)
the knobs before
a can of spray paint and one painted knob
 spray one side, let try, turn over, spray other side.  I put two coats on these.
Finished product!
What DIY projects did you do this weekend?


Eads Family said...

I wonder if this would work on my doorknobs! We have all ugly gold ones. Mmmmmm....

Marian said...

I think so Steph! Mine are gold too & I'm going to try this on them next weekend - I'll let you know if I have the same result!

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