Wednesday, May 12, 2010

around the house

Okay, let me start with telling ya'll that I have a historically black thumb. Like, really, really black. As in I can kill most any flower in a very short time. But yesterday I decided our front yard needs some color. (Actually, what it really needs is either a truckload of mulch or lava rock but we haven't had a weekend yet to tackle that job.) So I thought some pretty flowers in my trusty oversized beach buckets would make good band-aids. I stopped by The Friendly Market on my way home from work and got some encouragement ("it's just mostly luck anyway, sweetie") and flowers.
I've had this hydrangea for a month!
And it even has a bloom:)
The star and pavers are there in a effort to stop my dogs from digging for moles right in front of the porch.  It is also why these planters are in this particular spot for now.  The dirt they kick up onto the railing is really unattractive.  Really.

I love these two!

Hopefully I can keep everything alive!  Anyone have any gardening tips for me?!?


Annie said...

Girl, I admire you for being so daring and planting that many! I'm so nervous about the few plants I have. I pulled the little thing out of the plant and read the directions well of how often you're supposed to water. So far, mine have been alive for 1.5 weeks. Ha! PS - love your owl! ;)

Marian said...

I hope I can keep my alive for that long! I pulled those things out of each plant at the nursery to make sure they didn't need any "special care"! I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew:)

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