Monday, September 20, 2010

gearing up for fall

Good morning my lovelies! I apologize for being so MIA in the past few weeks, I've been in studio working on lots of projects and inventory for the fall. And of course, football season started! Yay! Here's some pictures from halftime of the NC State game Thursday night:



Also, some very exciting news! You can now buy PCM stuff at three locations!

Beans N' Screens in Emerald Isle, NC.
Tassels in Morehead City, NC. Check out the website -
Made by Hand in Oxford, NC.

So exciting and challenging to be three stores and keep up the inventory along with special orders!


Bethany said...

Marian, way to GO! 3 stores is awesome... don't know how you're keeping up with it all, plus being a #1 State Fan. : )

Can I come just sit at your feet and freakin' learn from you for a day?!

Anonymous said...

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